Provide custom-design electrical products and integration services

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Core strengths of Rollay

  • Over ten years
    Over ten years

    service experience
    with sub-industry
    PK10投注官网 customers.

  • Deep understanding
    Deep understanding

    of the requirements
    of the sub-industry

  • A custom-design
    A custom-design

    service and integration
    PK10投注官网 solutions.

  • Excellent

    customer service

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Custom-design service

We specialise in cooling, power capacitors, fuse boxes, earth current circuit units, change-over switches, AC/DC&DC/DC power supplies and EMC filters.

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Custom-design service
Custom-design service


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We provide high-quality custom-design electrical products and integration solutions for clients, working primarily with clients in the railway traction, national power grid and electric vehicle industries. We are also the strategic partner of GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare and Philip Healthcare.


Rollay has been named by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government as one of its "Top Ten Worth Investment Enterprises”.


The number of clients we have helped achieve success.

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